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Friday night when I got home from work there was a little surprise waiting for me.

When I walked in mum and dad were sitting in the lounge room waiting for me but they were both looking at the couch behind the open front door, (which is where Toby normally sleeps) so as I walk in I can not see it.
Mum said dont put you bag we have to go to the vet. I automatically went into panic mode thinking one of my fur-babies was sick.
Dad then piped up and said its Toby, something is wrong with him.
By now I was completely in the room and as I shut the front door, I turned and looked at the couch that was previously hidden and on it sat a tiny version of Toby.

I had to look twice and dad laughed and said we think someone put Toby in the clothes dryer and he shrunk ^^

This is Toby

This is Beau who was waiting for me on the couch... He is so Cute!!!

So I scooped this little bundle of cuteness up and hugged him and squeezed him and called him Beau.

Unfortunately at the time he was dirty and flea ridden and riddled with worms, that was quickly rectified with a trip to the vet for his first needle and worm tablet, then I bathed him and de-fleaed him and the result was the gorgeous ball of fluff seen above.

He has not left my side all weekend when I am in the house, he totally ignores mum and dad in favour of me which is cute, but i know that by monday night he will be probably favouring mum or dad in my place because he wont see me for 12 hours while i'm at work.

Some more pics of Beau

Sox and Beau. I hand raised Sox from a day old, and he's ten this year so he is the old man of the house and also the most tolerant of interlopers.

Beau playing on my Bed

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