Aug. 4th, 2009

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I used to regularly, prepare and pack my lunch, but I fell out of the habit and started taking pre packaged stuff.

Anyway I made the decision this weekend that I would start making the effort to pack my lunch again.
Yesterday I had left over Mabo dofu (no picture because it isn't pretty) from Sunday and today I have my favourite bento lunch.

In the heart shaped container I have half a Corella Pear and some Strawberries.

The lunch box contains:- Teriyaki Chicken, Broccoli and the cutest little mini capsicums, and plain steamed rice.

This is my favourite Lunch box I bought it from Japan via [ profile] happygarnet, if you ever want to get something from Japan and need a personal shopped she is your gal.

It's a little bit smaller than my other lunch boxes, which is something I like because it means I can not pack as much in it and it looks full with less food.
I have to admit that this style of lunch box is better to fit in your hand bag than the traditional Aussie style lunch box^^


Aug. 4th, 2009 12:48 pm
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Sydney Morning Herald Article - 4 August 2009

I don't mind telling you but this stuff scares the shits out of me, this is in MY BACKYARD!!!

I live at Hammondville which is the suburb next to Holsworthy and I catch a the train each day to and from work from Holsworthy station which backs onto the Army Barracks entrance.
I know people that have family and friends in the army and that are often stationed at Holsworthy.

Hearing about a thwarted Terrorist attack in my Backyard is better than hearing about/witnessing a terrorist attack in my Backyard, so kudos to all involved at busting this cell.

What are your guys thoughts on terrorism and the people commit acts of terrorists. not just actual violence but terrorism in all its forms.


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