Apr. 27th, 2010

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I rarely update my journal because to be honest I don't know what to write, my life is all that interesting, I don't go out very much and if I do its only to the movies or shopping.
I am a student and I do work full time so I guess that takes up most of my time, however someone told me that you should just ramble so I am taking their advice.

Many of you know that I have been struggling to learn Japanese for a while now. Last night when I was looking at all the piles of Japanese stuff I have studied I decided that I would go back to the beginning and start again, kind of.
What I mean is I'm going to start from scratch and refresh myself but using a different method until I get up to the stuff that is challenging for me. Which isn't much let me tell you :)

For the refreshing bit I'm not going to avoid doing any reading or writing at first and work through the Michel Thomas Foundation Japanese cds.
Reading and writing is not my problem listening and speaking is so I figure if I work through this course first which focus solely on listening and speaking I can get past some of my barriers and then actually start to progress.

I have reassessed the subjects I was taking at uni and I'm going to do more composition and lit classes next SP as I really struggled this sp where last SP I did really well.

Anyway that's all for me tonight.

おいしいい です から。 こんばん、 シチュー を 食べます。 そして あした ちゅうしょく を 食べます。



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