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I picked up my New Bike today.
I am calling her my new old bike because she is new to me but she is an old ladies step through circa somewhere between 1975 and the early 80's.
A beautiful emerald green 10 Speed Ladies road bike.
There are few dents and scratches and her decals are little faded and worn, but she is mechanically sound and is a dream to ride..
Once my bum gets used to it, I will be even happier. I bought a gel pad to put over the saddle till my bum adjusts (not pictured).
I had been looking for a step through bike for awhile but they were selling for a fortune at auction, i managed to grab my bike for $35!! so I am well pleased.

So I'm going to go for a ride after lunch, I just hope the rain holds off to let me do so.
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I lifted this from Waynes this and that
It is to help those interested readers get an idea of how small the fry are.
My fry were one week old on Monday.

As a reference, the line below is one inch long.


If it looks one inch long on your monitor, you'll be seeing the fish at their actual size. Be warned, young fry are so small that they will appear as little more than specks.

.  Betta egg: 0.03 inches in diameter

  One day old fry: 0.1 inch long (The tail doesn't show at this scale)

  One week old: 0.2 inches long.

Two weeks old: 0.25 inches long. (Starting to show dorsal fins.)

Three weeks old: 0.34 inches long

Four weeks old: 0.45 inches long on average.

Five weeks old: 0.6 inches long. Size ranges from .5 to .75 inches.

Six weeks old: 0.85 inches long. The largest are over an inch.

Seven weeks old: 1.1 inches long.

Eight weeks old: 1.3 inches long.

Nine weeks old: 1.55 inches long.

Ten weeks old: 1.7 inches long

Eleven weeks old: 1.9 inches long

After eleven weeks of growth, the amount of week-to-week change is too little to be interesting. From then to seven months of age the betta's body shape stays the same with a very slow increase in size. The fins grow at a glacial rate, eventually developing their full length at seven months.

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I have finally snapped some better Baby Betta pics.
They are still super hard to photograph cause of there size and translucency but these are the best ive taken so far.

These guys were spawned a week ago today, even though they are still so small they are growing so quickly :)

And a pic of the manky looking breeding tank but its a perfect environment for baby Bettas, even if they miss the live food i put in for them ( vinegar eels and baby brine shrimp ) there is lots of other things living in the tank that they can also eat.

The two plastic champagne flutes in the tank are where I hatch the baby brine shrimp.

Baby Betta

May. 30th, 2010 08:18 am
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OK I finally managed to get a photo of a baby betta.
Its not very good because these guys a re seriously hard to photograph. As soon as I find one and get it in focus it moves.
So the pic is a little bit out of focus

I had to take dad out today because I caught him trying to "snack" on his babies.

This pic is a click able link but i don't recommend it because th quality is crap.


May. 27th, 2010 07:43 pm
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No fry pics tonight, I started to panic thinking there was none in there but then i managed to spot 4 or 5 of them, which are now able to swim normally not just up and down. They are so small, im sure there is more in there I just cant find them. Either that or Bill got sick of being a dad and ate them.. (god i hope not)

So in lieu of baby betta pics here are two pics of two of my other males (pics are clickable for larger versions)

Bruce (Red Dragon Plakat) and Genki (Royal Blue FullMoon)

And as a special bonus a pic of Stormy-chan

Hopefully I will have some baby Betta pics soon.

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I checked on Bill and Eggs progress when I got home.
I had to verify the fact that I was seeing tails with a camera cause these guys are only about 0.2 of inch if that.

Another few days and they will be swimming and ready for their first meal.
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I spawned one of my Fighting fish yesterday (Bill and Sookie) :)
It was a little scary at first because i thought he was going to kill Sookie but then before you knew it they were making sweet fishie love, and boy do they have stamina, 3-4 hours they went for.
So Hopefully in a few days I will have baby fighting fish, thats when the hard work starts of trying to get them from fry to fish that can be sent out to new homes.


Bill tending his eggs in the bubble nest.

Sorry the video quality is bad.
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I rarely update my journal because to be honest I don't know what to write, my life is all that interesting, I don't go out very much and if I do its only to the movies or shopping.
I am a student and I do work full time so I guess that takes up most of my time, however someone told me that you should just ramble so I am taking their advice.

Many of you know that I have been struggling to learn Japanese for a while now. Last night when I was looking at all the piles of Japanese stuff I have studied I decided that I would go back to the beginning and start again, kind of.
What I mean is I'm going to start from scratch and refresh myself but using a different method until I get up to the stuff that is challenging for me. Which isn't much let me tell you :)

For the refreshing bit I'm not going to avoid doing any reading or writing at first and work through the Michel Thomas Foundation Japanese cds.
Reading and writing is not my problem listening and speaking is so I figure if I work through this course first which focus solely on listening and speaking I can get past some of my barriers and then actually start to progress.

I have reassessed the subjects I was taking at uni and I'm going to do more composition and lit classes next SP as I really struggled this sp where last SP I did really well.

Anyway that's all for me tonight.

おいしいい です から。 こんばん、 シチュー を 食べます。 そして あした ちゅうしょく を 食べます。

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I just got off the phone with Yes Asia.. They FUCKED UP with my Pre Order and are now trying to find me a copy of the LE.

I am not happy and the girl on the phone knew it. They had better find me a copy or I just may go postal.
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So I have managed to pack a different Bento each day this week, and at the same time also add a little more to my freezer stash for future lunches.
I found a picture of Mondays very yummy but very ugly lunch but I didn't get a picture of Thursday's lunch which was not only tasty but looked really nice. I guess you will just have to believe me. ^^

A weeks worth of Bento's in review w/- pictures )

I hope you all have a had a great week and I will try and catch up with my F-list over the weekend, I haven't turned my home pc on since Tuesday....
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Sydney Morning Herald Article - 4 August 2009

I don't mind telling you but this stuff scares the shits out of me, this is in MY BACKYARD!!!

I live at Hammondville which is the suburb next to Holsworthy and I catch a the train each day to and from work from Holsworthy station which backs onto the Army Barracks entrance.
I know people that have family and friends in the army and that are often stationed at Holsworthy.

Hearing about a thwarted Terrorist attack in my Backyard is better than hearing about/witnessing a terrorist attack in my Backyard, so kudos to all involved at busting this cell.

What are your guys thoughts on terrorism and the people commit acts of terrorists. not just actual violence but terrorism in all its forms.


Aug. 4th, 2009 12:48 pm
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I used to regularly, prepare and pack my lunch, but I fell out of the habit and started taking pre packaged stuff.

Anyway I made the decision this weekend that I would start making the effort to pack my lunch again.
Yesterday I had left over Mabo dofu (no picture because it isn't pretty) from Sunday and today I have my favourite bento lunch.

In the heart shaped container I have half a Corella Pear and some Strawberries.

The lunch box contains:- Teriyaki Chicken, Broccoli and the cutest little mini capsicums, and plain steamed rice.

This is my favourite Lunch box I bought it from Japan via [ profile] happygarnet, if you ever want to get something from Japan and need a personal shopped she is your gal.

It's a little bit smaller than my other lunch boxes, which is something I like because it means I can not pack as much in it and it looks full with less food.
I have to admit that this style of lunch box is better to fit in your hand bag than the traditional Aussie style lunch box^^
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I hope you have a wonderful day filled with rainbows, laughter and good friends.

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Friday night when I got home from work there was a little surprise waiting for me.

The numbers are increasing. )

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My 2 weeks of misery

I woke up this morning feeling like Shit, complete with a cold sore.
I'm depressed and feel like crying.

I don't want to be at work.
I doubt even Arashi can cheer me up at this point.

I am aso PMSing like crazy

but I just had my lunch time Japanese Class and I am feeling a lot brighter now.

Maybe my brain was just numb before and now spending 50 minutes trying to talk in Japanese invigorated it.
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I meant to post these pics through the week but I was just busy with other things.
All Pics are clickable to see a larger version.

Last Weekends Pies )

Aiba Inspired Food )

Look what I found under my Pillow )

Random Insects around my Garden )

And that's the end of this little update. I hope everyone has had a great weekend and that you are all well and happy.